Music is used to inspire and encourage participation in worship. As a universal tool, music is the language of worship in all religions. Egg shakers and musical instruments increase participation of younger congregants and those in tot services. Through our Egg Shakers, congregants have been inspired to participate more in services and experience the presence of God!

The use of music in worship celebrates the Lord. Since the Scriptures say so much about music in particular, the ministry of music is one of the primary means for us to worship God. Leading the congregation with music is absolutely essential for worship. The true ministry of music can make the manifestation of His Glory known in a powerful way. Additionally the Scriptures have many commands to praise God with music which can minister to our own spirits at those times when the written or spoken Word is not enough.

Because praise and music is important to God, our young children need to experience and learn about it at all ages. The use of Egg Shakers in service strongly encourages youth participation and encourages all to share the gifts of music that God has given to us.

Great uses of egg shakers in religious services include:

Praise & Worship Services
Baptism Ceremonies
Christening Parties
Wedding Favors

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